Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Ode to a lost Futurama

Oh, Futurama, what has happened to you?
You used to be clever, honest and true
After years of our begging we got you back
Just to see scripts that seriously lacked

MomCo as Apple? Really, give me a break
Bender and Amy? Please man, I just ate
Where is the science? The nerd jokes? The fun?
Did all of your writers suddenly run?

Jokes about photons, wire drawers and Trek
Have now been replaced with nothing but sex

Zapp was awesome when he was just Kirk
But now he's just gross and your everyday jerk
Kif and Amy once gave hope to the scrawny
Now she's not pleased unless he is brawny

It was a great balance, catered to every man
"Bite my shiny metal ass" while drinking Olde Fortran

I want Bender again to be frightened of twos
And Fry to want Leela, though he knows he will lose
We loved the quantum finish and the Aleph-null-plex
And what about Gore, Nichelle, Hawking and Gygax?

Nibbler and Zoidberg, Hermes and Scruffy
Your characters were epic and terribly funny
Who didn't love Flexo with Star Trek to mock?
You gave us back Nimoy, who was more than just Spock

Maybe the writers want this time to stay
So they're changing the humour, leaving nerds in dismay
Without nerd support, you wouldn't be here
We cried out for more but you've left us in tears

I know we are few but we do still exist
Desperately wanting more than just pish
I know it's a risk to leave us in the dust
The general public might find it a must

I'm saddened and sick by your lack of tact
Maybe it's true; we can never go back
Time to say goodbye to the lads in 3k
Maybe when we're there, it'll all be okay.


  1. OMG I love this! Thank you Erin. Makes for a good end of a work day.

  2. O... kay...

    Have you even paid attention to the new episodes? There are plenty of nerd humour in all the episodes. And sheesh, it's only been four episodes. Maybe cut them some slack and wait for them to get back in the game.

    I am waiting to judge this new season until I have seen the whole thing, so I don't up looking like an idiot having made premature assumptions.